Feature Phone Commerce

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The Needs of Low income group people is very different from upwardly mobile groups. They use smart phones as TVs only and Feature Phones for all other daily activities.  They are cash based due to a lack of technology that cater to their specific  needs as well as lack of trust. Typical feature of their needs are:

A. Suburban Train tickets, Bus Tickets

B. Daily Wage Payment,

C. Small ticket purchase which are in the range of R. 2 to Rs. 50.

D. They don't need Big Basket, Uber etc.

E. A payment Commission structure that can work for Rs. 2 as well as Rs. 50.

F. Give them the confidence that their money will not be stolen and they will not need to run pillar to post later to recover it.


Feature Phones are inherently weak in their processing capabilities and security. While Jio Phones and some other feature phones have NFC, WhatsApp and other features, they have low RAM as well as storage. Traditional android apps would not work. But they support KaiOS.


Hence, Feature Phone users are mostly financially excluded in the current spurt of growth in Fintech. Our Problem Statement is as follows:

"How do we enable fast, secure and cost effective transactions on Feature Phones by developing a middleware API that allows building of thin clients in KaiOS, while letting the middleware handle the complexity of connecting to multiple payment platforms "