Amazon Sales Analytics

Xplora Amazon Sales analytics helps sellers on Amazon and other Online E-Commerce Platforms understand their online sales better so as to streamline  their capital usage as well as their promotions.


Product Comparison

1. Compare your product with your top 20 competitors

 2. Get Info about their key attributes like

 3. Rank

 4. Price

 5 .Rating

 6. No. of Reviews

 7. Sales Estimate

 8. Char in description

 9. FBA




Keyword Research 

A Well researched keyword can be your way to reach top amazon search results

Keyword research tool helps you identify those keywords that your customer are searching for and your competitors are using in today date


This tool is dynamic and list gets updated every day


Using these keywords  improves your visibility in the marketplace

Ratings and Reviews

Reviews uncovers every detail about the individual experiences of the customer with the product


Reviews Tool helps you identify the key problem areas for each of your product


Addressing the issues and making changes to meet market demands makes your product desirable which gets you higher sales and customer satisfaction

Price and Inventory Tracker

Enable you to track competitor’s prices and Stock out situation

Get an alert whenever there is a change in competitor’s price by the change % set by you

See price variation of your competitor’s product over time

Product Comparison Tool



Who is it useful for?

If you are a media agency or reseller or a systems integrator in advertising space, do reach out to us for understanding how we can enhance your bottom line: by adding more  products for you to sell to your customers and improving their bottomline in the process

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