Make a Rs 2 Transaction

Digital and Sustainable

Online Shops in 5 minutes 

Online shop for Nano Sellers in RWAs

Tap and Pay

Low end Phones

Cowri NFC

Payments  at 80% lower costs  for 75 cr  Indians

Community Selling 

Simplify Product Discovery  in Small Stores, Shops, Malls, Hotels, and Airbnbs 

Deep Learning

CNN based DL  Models

Sentiment  Analystics

Review Analytics

India has over 700 mln people who have phones but are not digitally included

We are building the techologies for their Financial and Digital Inclusion

From local merchants who trust us with their business

We empower small & medium retailers to reach out to digital native consumers through omni-channel offerings.

We use technology to provide a seamless and enhanced shopping experience and harness the power of social media and analytics to cater to the consumer's needs and convenience.


Financially Unenabled Mobile Users


Total Size of Retail Market in India 


Traditional Retail Segment


Largest retail market in the world

Source - Unravelling the Indian Consumer 2019 – Delloite Report

Reduce Friction and Cost


Low Income Consumers

We generate financial Inclusion, employment opportunities and promote a sense of independence and growth especially amongst women

Their expertise facilitates the understanding of local markets.

And our GenY consumers

We understand the millennial consumers' preference for convenience & personalization and the significance of social commerce.

By limiting the distraction and confusion that too many choices bring, we curate local finds tailored to our consumer's needs

Our Customers are Rural Healthcare, Urban Mass Transit , Micro Entrepreneurs.

We can add value to your business by bringing high end Technology in NFC Payments and Local E-Commerce

We’re building something really interesting 

and can’t wait to share it with you

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